Meet Lanasia Toles

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Lanasia Toles is approaching the end of her junior year at Aliquippa Junior-Senior High School. Her favorite memory thus far has been serving on her class’ executive board and preparing for a class bake sale.

Besides helping out her school, she also volunteers with Aliquippa Impact. During AI’s Afterschool program she helps kids with their homework, plays games with them, and helps serve dinner. She also helps cohort leaders calm their younger members when they get too rowdy during a meeting.

Lanasia has been a part of Aliquippa Impact’s youth programs for 9 years. Currently she is a member of Christyn Gilliam’s cohort group. Lanasia says, “Being part of this cohort has impacted my life in a positive way. It gives me something to look forward to.”

Lanasia describes her cohort leader as fun and easy to talk to. She has fond memories of celebrating birthdays with Christyn and her fellow cohort members. She says, “Christyn always does something special for our birthdays. For my birthday she took me and the other girls in our cohort out to eat. It was really fun!”

Christyn helps the girls set goals and then works with them to achieve them. Lanasia, now an employee at Dunkin Donuts says, “One of my goals was to get a job. And I actually did! Christyn helped me get my first job.”

The next goal on Lanasia’s list is to attend college. She is unsure what she wants to major in, but Christyn is there to help her. One of the colleges she plans on touring is Slippery Rock University. Lanasia says that Christyn also plans to take her cohort to visit other colleges in the area.

May God bless this soon-to-be senior and guide her as she prepares for graduation!

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