Meet Gao Foua Jordan

“I always say this-I married into Aliquippa Impact,” Gao Foua Jordan says with a laugh. Gao Foua’s husband, John, met Aliquippa Impact (AI) founder, Joel Repic, during their Freshman year at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. Hearing of his friend’s new ministry, John decided to work at Aliquippa Impact’s day camp program in the summer of 2006. A year later,… Read more →

Meet Andrea and Jay Dillard

When Aliquippa Impact’s summer program was just beginning, Joel and Chelsea Repic were in search of volunteers. They asked their college friend, Andrea Dillard, if she would be interested in teaching. Andrea accepted the invitation in 2007 and taught social studies, vocabulary, and other academics to the 5 and 6 class. Later, in the summer of 2009, she served as… Read more →

A Simple Gesture

Beverly Abate, 68 years old, works as a customer service agent at U.S. Airways, serves as a deacon at United Ohio Presbyterian Church, and is mother to 2 kids and grandmother to 3 grandchildren. Not only is she devoted to her work, church, and family, she also dedicates her time to a mentee named Qiyawni. Whenever Beverly Abate heard about… Read more →

Sharing Hope

Steve Johnsen first heard about Aliquippa Impact (AI) at Crestmont Alliance Church. He attends church there along with Joel Repic, founder of AI, and Steve Rossi, AI’s Executive Director. After learning about AI, Johnsen not only became a monthly donor, but also joined the organization’s board of directors. After just one board meeting, Joel and Steve asked Johnsen to take… Read more →

Meet Lanasia Toles

lanasia toles pic



Lanasia Toles is approaching the end of her junior year at Aliquippa Junior-Senior High School. Her favorite memory thus far has been serving on her class’ executive board and preparing for a class bake sale.

Besides helping out her school, she also volunteers with Aliquippa Impact. During AI’s Afterschool program she helps kids with their homework, plays games with them, and helps serve dinner. She also helps cohort leaders calm their younger members when they get too rowdy during a meeting.Read more

Seeing Things Differently

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“We must become less so we can be filled with something greater” says Connie Harmotto, referencing John 3:30. Connie is thinking of her experience as a mentor with Aliquippa Impact. She began school-based mentoring in 2012 and then transitioned to one-on-one mentoring in 2013.

Connie spends time with her mentee once a week. She says, “[My husband and I] have an opportunity to be friends with her. My husband looks forward to her visits and they shoot basketball in the driveway while I am finishing dinner. We do simple things together – making dinner, taking the dog for a walk. Read more