Meet Us

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Aliquippa Impact has 15 dedicated, year-round staff people with 18 higher education degrees among us. Together, we have worked over 15,000 hours with about 1,000 youth! Our staff is committed to be a culture of honor – honor of one another and the youth with whom we work. We are committed to pursue Christ’s standard of excellence — from how we treat each other and youth, to the effectiveness of our programs. “Safe place” starts with our staff. We set the tone for youth to be safe and to thrive — in our programs and in life.

And Together We Are:

A Christian, neighborhood-based, non-profit, youth development organization serving the young people and families of Aliquippa. Our mission is to foster tangible hope to youth in toxic environments by building relational bridges and developmental assets.

We are Christian in that we are not simply an organization that does good things, helps our neighborhood, or cares about youth. Many organizations do these things. For us, our motivation, empowerment, and guidance for our organization is centered around a person – Jesus Christ. His teaching, example of compassion toward the marginalized and broken, sinless life, work of salvation, and indwelling Spirit lead us to love our own neighborhood. His command to “love your neighbor as yourself” leads us to love all people – no matter who they are, what their background may be, or where they come from. The hope we have in Christ leads us to have hope for our own community and to present that hope to others.

We are neighborhood-based in that we are literally neighbors to the people we serve in our community. Our staff lives here. We listen to the needs here. We know the people here. And we seek to empower others here. We call Aliquippa home, and we are proud to call the people who live here neighbors and friends.

We are non-profit because we are a registered 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service. We are a public charity governed by an independent Board of Governors.

We are a youth development organization because we seek the holistic development and empowerment of youth in our community – spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and educationally. By fostering tangible hope, youth are empowered to reach their full potential as they mature into healthy, productive adults. We also utilize the philosophy of the Christian Community Development Association – an organization that seeks the holistic development of under-resourced communities.


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