Aliquippa Impact is Rooted in Who Christ Is – Danny Murphy



“I think the value lies in that Christ is exalted most. The community of the team I work with comes with the same set of values, so the thoughts, teamwork,and goals all are seamless because Aliquippa Impact is rooted in who Christ is, and what we want to accomplish. I love the fact that I can learn, grow, toil, and make a difference on a team.” These are the words of Asset Coordinator, Danny Murphy, as he shares what he values most working with Aliquippa Impact.

Danny first heard about Aliquippa Impact through his wife, Erin, who worked at the summer day camp program in 2006 and 2007. Since then Danny and Erin have served at a Christian international boarding school in South Korea as dorm parents, soccer coach, and school/dorm nursing. They moved back to this area in 2013 and have become reconnected to the community.

In his role of Asset Coordinator, Danny oversees the school-based mentoring program at Aliquippa Elementary School where he encourages and develops the mentor/mentee relationships and builds relationships in the school. He also has a cohort group of about eight youth that he leads, along with his wife Erin, during the afterschool program. In addition, he is in charge of the Summer Day Camp program, which includes recruiting, training, and developing the summer interns and the program to the children as a whole.

Danny supports AI because he finds it to be very relational and fosters tangible hope. “I believe in the mission statement (Our mission is to foster tangible hope to youth in toxic environments by building relational bridges and developmental assets) because it doesn’t just stop at the gospel. All the things we do, tangible, after school, cohort, kids can touch it, know it, feel it,” he states.

Danny has seen firsthand the growth from Aliquippa Impact’s ministry. He recalls an instance with one of the kids in his cohort at the after school program when he was starting to build a relationship with him. Danny was drawing the child’s name, and then instead of doing it for him, he sat with him. He reflects, “At the next meeting, I saw his notebook. He had drawn my name the same as I was trying to teach him in the meeting before. I thought I wasn’t connecting, but God showed me that He is working and establishing these relationships.” He also says, “As a whole, it takes courage for all of our kids to live in the environment they do and take steps of faith, whether they know it or not. AI gives them the opportunity to do that and gives us an opportunity to see that.”

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