Compassionate Presence

We must never underestimate the role of compassionate presence in the lives of Aliquippa students. At Aliquippa Impact win the like to say, “90% of what we do is just show up.” For youth who are participating in our programs, we do just that – “show up” – again and again and again.

We show up at their homes to see their families. We show up their schools to check up on them. We show up at basketball and football games. We show up at the programs we provide week in and week out. We show up when a young person experiences crisis. And yes, we show up on the streets as young people feel the pull of negative behaviors. Wherever young people are in Aliquippa, there we are too. Our mentors, cohort leaders, and youth workers are constantly being a compassionate, listening, encouraging presence in the lives of youth from week to week.

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