Join us for our Summer Urban Immersion Experience! When the steel industry left Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh) in one of the largest cases of deindustrialization in United States history, many only felt despair. Poverty, addiction, and violence filled the vaccuum of hopelessness in our community. But Jesus never left. Today, He is working to restory our city – one block at a time. Come be involved this summer in the story of hope God is building in Aliquippa.

The mission of the program is to provide Christian young adults with the opportunity to holistically learn from and engage Aliquippa through the paradigms of biblical theology, Christian community development, and renewal ministry. The summer assists in equipping Christian young adults to be the radical, justice-loving, mercy-showing, service-doing, Gospel-living disciples they are called to be in the pattern of Jesus Christ.

The Summer Urban Immersion experience operates in the context of Christian community by:

Learning Together (MIND – Biblical Theology)
We learn together by engaging in exploring Scripture together.  As we study theologies of kingdom, covenant, the poor and oppressed, and the Holy Spirit, we learn how to cooperate with what God is doing in the world through His people.

Serving Together (HANDS – Christian Community Development)
We serve together in Aliquippa Impact’s summer youth programs that serve approximately 70 Aliquippa youth and thier families over the summer months. The best teachers on urban ministry are the young people and families of our community. As we engage them through quality youth program and an active street presence, they teach us what it means to follow Christ and bear the Kingdom in a broken world.

Growing Together (HEART – Renewal Ministry)
We spend regular time together in the Lord’s presence through prayer and worship. As we serve and learn, we are drawn to the manifest presence of God. As we spend time in His  presence, we are compelled to serve and learn. This forms the rhythm of renewal that is the heartbeat of God’s love for our community.

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