Sticking with Them




Aliquippa Impact is not the only youth organization on Franklin Avenue. Deliverance Temple, which has existed approximately 35 years, reaches out to at-risk youth through their ministry, Roots Christian Academy.

Roots Christian Academy is an alternative school for children around the age of 12 to early adulthood. The academy seeks to plant seeds in the lives of kids and enable them to mature into productive citizens.

The partnership between Aliquippa Impact and Roots Academy began nearly 8 years ago when Pastor Paul Dordal, the senior pastor of Crestmont Alliance Church at the time, introduced Pastor Marvin Moreland of Deliverance Temple to Joel Repic and Aliquippa Impact’s ministry.

Pastor Moreland says, “We try to collaborate and network as much as possible because our ministries are both geared toward the youth in the community.”

Both Aliquippa Impact and Roots Academy have brought hope to youth in Aliquippa. Roots provides a way for children who would not have graduated school to complete their education.

Pastor Moreland says, “Our impact in the community is trying to assist the youth and help them make decisions that will further their future. “

One such decision is to continue their education beyond high school. Roots has given multiple children the opportunity to attend college or a training school.

Aliquippa Impact supports youth through their mentoring, afterschool, and summer programs. Pastor Moreland points out, “I’ve encountered a lot of children in the community that were excited about the (programs). You hear all kind of different testimonies and stories about them (AI) coming to the community and assisting kids.”

Pastor Moreland admires Aliquippa Impact’s continual presence with the youth. He says, “They stick with them. That’s one thing I’ve noticed with the mentoring program. They stick with the kids not just one year, two years, but they commit themselves to walking alongside the kids on an as-needed basis.”

He has witnessed the ongoing presence of Aliquippa Impact in the life of a boy who attends college with his son. He explains, “The one young man went to school with my son up in Edinboro. They have been a part of this young man’s life for quite some time and it is very evident that he had someone from Aliquippa Impact’s ministry to help guide him through those years of uncertainty.”

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